Night Operation with a People Smuggler: Turkey’s Border War (Dispatch 5)

Subscribe to VICE News here: When Islamic State militants attacked the Syrian border town of Kobane, 180,000 civilians fled in fear to neighboring Turkey. Weeks later, the Turkish state tightened the control of its borders, limiting entry and exit. Thousands are now left in risky positions between the conflict in Kobane and the closed border. VICE News met with a smuggler who risks his life while he was on a night operation to get families away from Kobane and into Turkey, while trying to avoid Turkish authorities. Watch Dispatch 1: Watch Dispatch 2: Watch Dispatch 3: Watch Dispatch 4: “Britain’s Border War: Migrant Crisis in Calais” – Check out the VICE News beta for more: Follow VICE News here: Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Instagram:

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VICE News Daily: Beyond The Headlines – October 24, 2014

Subscribe to VICE News here: The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: Turkey shifts position on helping Kurdish fighters get to Syrian town of Kobane, investigation reveals 18-year academic scandal at University of North Carolina, South Korean scientists solve mystery behind ‘weird’ dinosaur, and top drug manufacturers may collaborate to speed up ebola vaccine production. TURKEY (annotate to: Turkey’s Border War) Government to Help Group of Kurdish Fighters Reach Kobane Two hundred peshmerga will be allowed to travel through Turkish territory from Iraq to defend the Syrian border town. U.S.A. Probe Uncovers Academic Fraud at University of North Carolina Over an 18-year period, inflated grades and bogus classes helped thousands of student athletes stay in their programs. SOUTH KOREA Scientists Solve Decades-Old Dinosaur Mystery Nearly complete skeletons discovered in Mongolia give paleontologists a clearer picture of a ‘weird’ creature with a duck’s bill, hoofed feet, and long arms. HEALTH (annotate: The Fight Against Ebola) Drug Makers in Talks to Collaborate on Ebola Vaccines Johnson & Johnson and GlaxoSmithKline are among the companies under pressure to quickly respond to the global health crisis. Check out the VICE News beta for more: Follow VICE News here: Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Instagram:

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21 Storage and Organization Ideas to Make any Office Run Smoother

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office storage and organization ideas

A well-organized office saves time and makes for a happier you — and happier co-workers.

Having to wade through stacks of papers, jumbled drawers, tangled wires and boxes of stuff sitting around, may not seem like a big deal, but it’s a real physical burden when you consider the time spent hunting for things that should be easy to find, but aren’t. Disorganized electronic files and confusion are just as big a problem.

Then there is the mental burden. Whether you consciously realize it or not, clutter may be stressing everyone out.

Here are 21 ways to organize your physical and electronic work spaces.

Get if Off the Floor

Go vertical with bookcases and shelving units. Often we run out of desktop space or floor space. Vertical storage makes more efficient use of space and puts more at eye level.

Create “Activity Centers”

Put everything you need to complete an activity in one area, especially if you do an activity regularly. You will avoid wasting time looking for and assembling what you need. For example, packing and shipping supplies and tools should be in one area. Or create a shelf for items you take with you when you travel, such as your travel briefcase, neoprene sleeves and portable chargers.

File It, Scan It, Shred It

Don’t use your desktop as your inbox, as critical paper (like checks!) can get lost. Signed contracts and other items that you want to keep in paper form should be filed away promptly. Scan anything else into digital form. Shred and discard or recycle the paper.

A Folder for Everything

Have a folder for all paper documents. Pendaflex hanging folders, along with manila inner folders, are an inexpensive solution. Label both. Pendaflex folders are your placeholder in the filing cabinet, and should be left there at all times. The inner manila folder is the one you pull out as needed. Then it’s easy to refile the manila folder into its pendaflex when done.

Wrap Computer Cords

Got computer cables and electrical cords in a tangled mess? You aren’t the only one. Luckily, special twist ties and cord covers can keep things neat. Label your cords, so you can find the right one when you have to disconnect or move something.

Use Corkboards to Keep “Top of Mind” Items in Front of You

If you need to refer to a checklist for a task, or some kind of reminder, pin it to a corkboard right near your desk. This is good for any new process until it becomes an ingrained habit. Simply untack the item when you no longer need to refer to it.

Store all Manuals in One Place

Ever need to refer to the operation manual for your printer? Or find the small instruction flyer that came with your Bluetooth headset? If you place all manuals in a dedicated drawer, plastic crate, or folder – you won’t have to hunt for them.

Create Divided Drawers

If your drawers don’t have built-in dividers, buy inexpensive metal or wooden dividers — or better yet, recycled plastic. Organize device chargers; pens; paper clips; notepads and sticky notes; scissors and other items. Not only does an organized drawer save time, you’ll feel less stressed if you don’t have to dive into a jumbled mess several times a day.

Use a Labeler to Keep Shelves Organized

It’s not just files that need labels. Shelves and drawers can benefit from labeling them. That way everyone in the office knows the right place to return things.

Keep a “To Do” List

Mental clutter is as much an issue as physical clutter. One of the key points in the Getting Things Done system is to get items out of your head and onto paper (or an electronic list). That way, you can focus on the task at hand. Just keep your to-do list short and uncluttered.

Do Weekly Maintenance and Clean Up

At the end of each workweek, put things used during the week back in their places. Shred or file paper stacks. If you don’t let clutter accumulate too long, it’s easier to stay organized.

Use a Central Cloud Location for Company Documents

A fantastic way to save time and avoid the need for everyone to set up their own “virtual filing” system is to use one central cloud location for company documents. Options such as Google Drive or OneDrive let you set up central folders by topic or client, to share documents.

Use Project Management or Task Manager Software

A project management system keeps employees on track with projects. More importantly, it eliminates paper to-do lists and email instructions, and confusion that arises from them.

Scan Receipts and Store in the Cloud

Then you can discard paper receipts. With newer mobile apps you don’t even need a scanner – you just take a photo. With advanced apps you can sync up receipts with your accounting records or credit card records automatically (avoiding manual keying).

Use Browser Bookmarks for Quick Reference

Do you ever spend time hunting for links to recurring reference sites or login screens? Or not remember where to find them? Bookmark them and organize bookmarks into folders, so you can get to them in a couple of clicks.

Save Favorites Lists for Recurring Orders

Another timesaver is to save favorites lists at online retailers you use regularly. That way you don’t have to look up the same supplies every time you buy. Sites like let you save favorites lists, and it’s super convenient.

Archive Old Files

If you haven’t used computer files (especially emails!) in the past year or so, archive them. You’ll still have them, but you won’t have to wade through them to find current items. Consider setting a policy to delete archived files after a certain time, too.

Have Adequate Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Software

Few things can cause more disruption and confusion than lost files, or lost time, due to computer viruses and malware attacks. ‘Nuff said!

Use a Note Organizing App

Note apps like Evernote, Microsoft’s OneNote and SimpleNote can help you organize and store Web research and electronic notes.

Truly “Smart” Phones Are Time Savers

Smart phones used wisely save time and can make us happier. We may be able to escape the office for a family event without guilt, because we’re still in touch in case anything critical comes up. Have powerful smartphones with enough internal memory to run needed apps.

Automatic Sync for All Devices

Speaking of smartphones, business owners and employees alike are using multiple devices — perhaps a desktop computer, tablet and smartphone per person, all in the same day. Cloud file storage or at least the ability to automatically sync files is essential to save time and avoid confusion from not having the most recent file.

Upgrade Computers for Memory and Speed

You may not even realize how much time is wasted when everything you do takes longer, or worse, freezes or crashes regularly. Adequate memory and processor speed last year, may not be up to the task this year. So upgrade!

Those are my 21 office storage and organization ideas. What are your best tips for organizing your office and taming the disorganization and clutter beast?

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3 Ways to Form More Integrated Social and SEO Teams

Social and SEO teams can sometimes play juxtaposing roles on paper. But to be truly successful, both social and SEO should engage in a two-way conversation between businesses and their target audiences.

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Tell Me What You Think I Want to Hear

job interview business cartoon

I haven’t been on an interview in a long, looooong time. And thank goodness, because I don’t really know what I’d have to say.

“So, you’ve been a… cartoonist… for the past 10 years?”


(Awkward silence.)

“Okay… thanks for coming in.”

I do remember a certain scripted geniality on both sides though – which is what I was going for here.

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The Ultra Orthodox vs. The IDF: Israel’s Other Religious War

Subscribe to VICE News here: Since Israel’s inception, the Haredi — ultra-Orthodox adherents of Judaism —have been exempt from the country’s military conscription laws. But their growing population, coupled with their high unemployment rate and dependence on state benefits, sparked outrage within the country’s secular majority. After years of demanding that the Haredi share the responsibility of serving in the armed forces, the Israeli government passed an unprecedented law in March 2014 that requires Haredi men to serve in the military. The decision resulted in major opposition from the Ultra Orthodox community, from violent protests to religious leaders demanding that no one should comply. VICE News travels to Israel to speak with hardline members and leaders of the Ultra Orthodox community as well as soldiers in the Netzah Yehuda, the IDF’s Ultra Orthodox Battalion, to get their take on the government’s decision. War Games: Israeli Urban Warfare – The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Rockets and Revenge: Check out the VICE News beta for more: Follow VICE News here: Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Instagram:

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VICE News Daily: Beyond The Headlines – October 23, 2014

Subscribe to VICE News here: The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: explosion wounds at least 11 outside Cairo University, murder and manslaughter charges for Blackwater guards involved in 2007 Iraq killings, Australian man convicted on pedophilia charges with help of fake digital avatar ‘Sweetie’, and scientists in Poland work to improve stealth of future military vehicles. EGYPT Bomb Blast Outside Cairo University Officials believe the attack targeted policemen stationed outside the campus gates. U.S.A. Jury Convicts Former Blackwater Guards In Iraq Killings The four men are each expected to spend between 30 years to life in prison. AUSTRALIA ‘Sweetie’ Operation Nabs Its First Conviction A Dutch NGO created the digital avatar of a 10-year-old girl to lure online predators. TECHNOLOGY ‘Chameleon’ System Could Redefine Camouflage ​Polish researchers are developing plates that are linked to cameras and a computer and quickly change the hue of ​a military vehicle to mimic its surrounding Check out the VICE News beta for more: Follow VICE News here: Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Instagram:

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Trapped Inside the War Zone: Turkey’s Border War (Dispatch 4)

Subscribe to VICE News here: In mid-September, Islamic State militants launched an offensive to seize Kobane, a predominantly Kurdish town in Syria just across the border from Turkey. In the following weeks, Turkey closed its border, leaving thousands of civilians stuck inside the war zone and preventing Kurds in Turkey from coming to the aid of their comrades. Violent protests subsequently broke out all over Turkey as Kurds accused authorities there of supporting the Islamic State. More than 30 people have now been killed in clashes between Kurdish supporters, Turkish authorities, and Islamists. In the town of Diyarbakir, banks and public buildings have been set ablaze and destroyed. VICE News went to Diyarbakir to meet with the youth wing of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and discuss their involvement in the clashes. We then spoke to both the family of a young man who claim he was killed by Islamists, and to an Islamist leader. Watch Dispatch 1: Watch Dispatch 2: Watch Dispatch 3: “Britain’s Border War: Migrant Crisis in Calais” – Check out the VICE News beta for more: Follow VICE News here: Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Instagram:

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Young and Gay in Belgrade: Serbia’s March to Equality

Subscribe to VICE News here: The Serbian capital of Belgrade recently held its first gay pride parade in four years. The previous march in 2010 was marred by bloody clashes between anti-pride rioters and police, leaving 150 people injured. Serbian nationalist groups amassed hundreds of their members ahead of the gay pride parade to protest LGBT rights and attempt to prevent the march. Fearing a repeat of the violence in 2010, several thousand anti-riot police and armored vehicles mobilized on the streets of the city in anticipation of this year’s procession. VICE News was in Belgrade to monitor the anti-LGBT protests and meet members of Serbia’s gay community who were determined to defy the intimidation and march through the streets, regardless of the risks. Watch Now: “Young & Gay: Jamaica’s Gully Queens” – Check out the VICE News beta for more: Follow VICE News here: Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Instagram:

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