An Interview with Confessed Rapists: Bangladeshi Gang Rape (Excerpt)

Subscribe to VICE News here: A recent UN report revealed that one in eight men in rural Bangladesh admit to having committed rape. Although it is a crime punishable by death, there are no accurate government figures for rape in Bangladesh, largely due to social stigma and a failure by local authorities to investigate alleged crimes. VICE News correspondent Tania Rashid traveled to Sylhet and met with both perpetrators and victims of rape as well as local police to find out what is driving Bangladeshi men to rape and abuse women, and what steps the authorities are taking to put an end to it. Watch the full length “A Crime Unpunished: Bangladeshi Gang Rape” – Watch “A Crime Unpunished: Bangladeshi Gang Rape (Extra Scene)” – Check out “An Epidemic of Brutal Sexual Assaults Is Terrorizing Women in Bangladesh” – Check out “Five New Orleans Detectives Ignored Hundreds of Reported Sex Crimes” – Check out the VICE News beta for more: Follow VICE News here: Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Instagram:

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The Missing 43: Mexico’s Disappeared Students (Full Length)

Subscribe to VICE News here: On September 26, students from the Teachers College of Ayotzinapa in Mexico en route to a protest in Iguala were intercepted by police forces. In the ensuing clash, six students were fatally shot and 43 were abducted. Investigations over the following weeks led to the startling allegations that the police had acted at the behest of the local mayor, and had turned over the abducted students to members of the Guerreros Unidos cartel. All 43 students are now feared dead. The case has come to represent the negative feeling of the Mexican public toward the state of justice and the rule of law in Mexico. The events have now galvanized the survivors of the attack and the disappeared students’ parents. Nationwide demonstrations have increased in intensity, and recently led to government buildings in the state of Guerrero to be set on fire. VICE News travels to Guerrero, ground-zero for the protest movement that has erupted since the disappearance of the students. We meet with survivors of the Iguala police attack and parents of the missing students, accompany volunteer search parties, and watch as protests against the government and president reach boiling point. Check out “In Photos: Demonstrations for Missing Students Swell in Mexico and Across the World” – Check out “Officials Say the 43 Students Missing In Mexico Were Incinerated” – Check out “Ayotzinapa: A Timeline of the Mass Disappearance That Has Shaken Mexico” – Watch “Cocaine & Crude (Full Length)” – Check out the VICE News beta for more: Follow VICE News here: Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Instagram:

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Three Tactics Let Physical Stores Benefit from Webrooming

benefit from webrooming

Remember when retailers were in a panic about a new trend called showrooming? The showrooming concept where consumers come into your store to look at, touch and try on products, but then search for lower prices and buy them online from your competition struck fear into retailers’ hearts.

However, this year, it seems the concept is flipped around. A recent study by GfK found that showrooming is actually on the decline. Instead, “webrooming” is on the rise. We’ve addressed this before: Webrooming, the opposite of showrooming, is when consumers research products online, then head into a physical store to make the purchase.

According to the study, 28 percent of consumers used showrooming in 2014, down from 37 percent last year—while webrooming was reported by 41 percent of respondents. Generation X and Y customers (aged 25 to 49) were most likely to webroom.

While webrooming used to be reserved mostly for big purchases like furniture or appliances, GfK says it’s now becoming common even with small purchases like health and beauty products.

What prompts shoppers to head into a store instead of just buying online? Nearly six in 10 want to “see and feel before buying,” 53 percent want to get the products instantly and 35 percent appreciate the ease of being able to return products in-store if they aren’t satisfied.

So how can your retail store benefit from webrooming even if you don’t sell products online? Here are three tactics.

Use the Power of Local Search

Make sure your store is listed in online local search directories like Provide as much detail as possible in your listings and use relevant keywords.

For instance, if you’ve got some hot children’s toys on your shelves, use those keywords in your listings so shoppers searching for that item will be driven to your listings and your website. (You do have a website, right?)

Try Online Advertising

Pay-per-click ads can be worth your while in this case. As above, use keywords relevant to popular products you’re selling to attract consumers to your store, as well as to your specific location. This will help attract local shoppers.

The great thing about online adverting is you can easily see what’s working and what isn’t and adjust your ads accordingly, so you’re not wasting money.

Get Social

Consumers researching products online often ask their social media contacts for advice or recommendations. (I know I do.) It’s getting harder to get traction organically on social media, so now may be the time to try paid ads. Social media advertising is incredibly niche, allowing you to get in front of very specific target markets.

For example, you can deliver your ad only to moms of 1-year-old girls within 3 miles of your store, if that’s your goal.

Webrooming can mean great things for your physical retail store. Just be sure to use these three tactics to bring online shoppers to you.

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Pilgrim Deals on the First Black Friday?

black friday cartoon

Thanksgiving is maybe my favorite holiday of all. There’s the turkey and the stuffing and the pie. There’s the sentiment and the family and the leftovers. Black Friday, however, I have mixed feelings about.

Listen, I love a sale as much as the next guy. But in recent years, it’s become a weird and progressively more crazy (and occasionally dangerous) holiday unto itself.

At least it’s good for making fun of. Happy shopping!

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VICE News Daily: Beyond The Headlines – November 28, 2014

Subscribe to VICE News here: The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines.​ Today: Colorado pot dispensaries offer customers seasonal offerings, thousands of robots help online retailer Amazon fulfill orders, holiday gun sales test the FBI’s background check system, and more UK retailers are embracing Black Friday. GREEN FRIDAY Colorado’s Pot Dispensaries Tempt Customers to Light Up From seasonal edibles to dollar joints, weed enthusiasts are offered an array of bargains to choose from. MACHINE POWER Amazon Deploys Thousands of Robots for Order Fulfillment The ‘pickers’ move stocked shelving units to workers for scanning, sparing them up to 20 miles a day of trekking around warehouses. UNDER THE GUN Holiday Sales Test Limits of FBI Background Check System The agency hired 100 additional workers to assist with the increased volume of requests during the post-Thanksgiving rush. ACROSS THE POND More UK Retailers Taking on the American Tradition ​Tesco and Marks & Spencer are among the major chains cashing in on Black Friday, but​ many shoppers still don’t know what it is or where it came from. Check out the VICE News beta for more: Follow VICE News here: Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Instagram:

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A City Reacts: State of Emergency – Ferguson, Missouri (Dispatch 10)

Subscribe to VICE News here: On November 24, St. Louis County prosecutor Robert McCulloch announced the grand jury’s decision not to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson for the shooting death of unarmed black teen Michael Brown. VICE News correspondent Danny Gold was on the ground in Ferguson to cover the community’s reaction to the announcement. Check out “‘Hands Up Don’t Spend’: Ferguson Protesters Take on Black Friday in Nationwide Boycott” – Check out “Darren Wilson to Grand Jury: ‘I Had to Kill Him’” – Check out “Gunshots, Flames, and Chaos in Ferguson Following Grand Jury Decision” – Watch “Ferguson, Missouri: Highlights from VICE News Live Coverage – November 24, 2014” – Watch “State of Emergency – Ferguson, Missouri (Dispatch 9)” – Check out the VICE News beta for more: Follow VICE News here: Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Instagram:

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