Entrepreneur Brings Ukrainian Roots to Black Forest Deli

121414 russian dinner night

Deli owner Victoria Shparber may run a small business in Lehigh Valley, Pa. But the Ukrainian flare she puts on her food along with her on target marketing techniques sets her business apart from others in the community.

Originally from Kiev, Ukraine, Shparber and her family moved to America about 20 years ago. To support herself through high school and college she worked in the food industry.

In that time she has filled the shoes of bartender, waitress, and even bagel maker as she reached her goal to one day work in international relations.

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Fish Forever Encourages Sustainable Practices, Helps Local Fishers

fish forever

Large companies have started their own corporate sustainability programs. These might involve buying more sustainable materials, putting restrictions on building projects, or partnering with large organizations like the World Wildlife Fund. But not many of these programs really work at a grassroots level. That’s where Rare comes in.

The conservation non-profit brings conservation efforts to the places untouched by these corporate supply chains. For example, the organization’s latest project is an initiative called Fish Forever.

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The Ice Bucket Challenge and World Cup Brighten Up Google’s 2014 Searches

2014 was a year full of worry over Ebola and the Malaysia Airlines flight. However, bright spots such as the World Cup and the Ice Bucket Challenge still managed to trend with positive headlines.

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