Black Friday for Lawn and Garden Coming March 21

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March 21 is the equivalent of Black Friday for businesses selling lawn and garden supplies. With spring just beginning, consumers are more likely to head out to stores or browse online to look for that missing element for their outdoor space. And businesses, both local and online, should know how to best reach those customers.

Bing Ads created a presentation about the home and garden industry, which included some statistics and trends that could be especially relevant to those selling lawn and garden supplies.

Last year, the industry as a whole saw $29.5 billion in sales. That works out to about $347 per household just on lawn and garden related items. The most popular expenditure was landscaping. And spending on landscaping is expected to grow by 4 percent in 2015, meaning customers should spend about $7 billion on outdoor landscaping projects alone.

But aside from simply spending more on these items, there are a few more specific trends of which businesses should be aware. First of all, consumers are more willing to try out DIY projects than they have been in previous years. So some items that have been traditionally left to professionals are more likely now to be in the hands of everyday consumers.

Specifically, 43 percent of consumers plan to spend more time on outdoor DIY projects this year. And 45 percent said they plan to spend more money on those DIY projects. So this increase in DIY projects doesn’t necessarily mean that lawn and garden businesses will suffer loss of customers. But it does mean that some customers could be more likely to spend on supplies rather than professional services.

Food gardening is another growing trend. According to Bing, one in three households are now growing food in their gardens. In the past five years, spending on food gardening has increased by 43 percent to $3.5 billion. And Millennials represent the fastest growing segment of food gardeners.

Inspiration for these trends and outdoor products can come from a variety of places, from home and garden TV shows to magazines to online videos. But consumers are definitely using the internet to research products before they buy, whether they actually purchase online or choose to buy from local businesses.

That’s why Bing claims it’s so important for lawn and garden businesses to really consider their online ad platform rather than just defaulting to Google Ads. The platform claims that the cost-per-click for home and garden businesses has increased by 37 percent in the last year on Google, but decreased by 9 percent in that time period on the Yahoo Bing Network. Bing also claims that the Yahoo Bing audience is more likely to be influential in the home and garden community.

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