Google Matched Content Gives Visitors a Personalized Experience

google matched content

If you’re an AdSense Publisher, here is some news for you.

Google has introduced a new tool for AdSense that could change your site. By generating relevant article recommendations from the content on your site, Google says its new tool could increase not only reader engagement but your ad revenue, too.

Google Matched content is a free tool that promotes your site’s content to visitors. This is done by article recommendations that are contextually relevant and personalized for your site’s visitors. Google says Matched content could help visitors discover other content on your site, become more engaged, and increase reader loyalty.

You choose which pages and articles you’d like Google Matched content recommendations to appear. AdSense will promote content that is most relevant to the reader. Recommendations are only from within your site, so if you have multiple sites Matched won’t recommend content from one site to another.

A nice piece of information to know is Google Matched content does not count towards the Google content ad limit per page, so no worries there. Also Matched works on just about any device, be it mobile, tablet, or desktop.

It all boils down to helping you increase ad revenue. The longer visitors spend on your site, the more pages they view, and the more they keep coming back, then the bigger boost to your ad impressions. The more ad impressions, the more possible revenue.

Google says Matched will work best for sites with longer content pages, such as in-depth articles.  To get the most out of Matched, Google recommends placing the matched content unit directly below any article where you choose to place it. Google also recommends adding a unique image to your content pages and to use popular meta-tag protocols, like Open Graph, on your pages.

Unfortunately, not every AdSense Publisher will be able to get Google Matched content for their site. Google is only making Matched available for sites with multiple pages and a high volume of traffic. If you are interested in Matched, you can see is you’re eligible by checking the site management settings in your AdSense account.

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