Google Space Jump by Senior Executive Sets New Record

google space jump

A new world record was just set for parachute jumping, with a leap of approximately 135,000 feet or almost 26 miles. The record setter was Google Senior Vice President Alan Eustace, who outdid previous record holder Felix Baumgartner‘s jump of 128,000 feet or nearly 24 miles.

To achieve this amazing feat, Eustace enlisted the technical assistance of Paragon Space Development Corporation, wore a custom-made space suit and used a 35,000 cubic foot helium balloon for his ascent.

google space jump 2

Once he reached the upper edge of the stratosphere following a two hour climb, Eustace cut his rope and dropped back down to Earth for 15 minutes.

google space jump 3

Eustace deployed his parachute after breaking the sound barrier and landed safely from his impressive jump.

Images: Video Stills

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