Survey: How Do You Compare to Others in Business?

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Do you ever wonder how your business stacks up against the competition?

Depending on your focus and goals, you might measure success using a number of different metrics. So wouldn’t it be great to have a way to see how your business compares to others in all of those different areas?

Online survey tool QuestionPro has created a survey that it hopes will help businesses figure out where they stand in a variety of business aspects.

The survey includes questions about individual tasks, after-work habits, tools and devices used, revenue, industry trends, and more.

For instance, the survey asks which tasks each business chooses to outsource, how many employees each one has, and how much annual revenue each one brings in.

Businesses can take the survey now, and once QuestionPro has collected all of the responses, it plans to build a database to show you how your company compares to other businesses similar size. You’ll have four weeks to participate in the survey by clicking through here on Small Business Trends. After that respondents will receive an email detailing the results.

The businesses that take the survey can find out where they stand and maybe even learn a bit about what they could be doing differently. For example, you may discover that other businesses your size are using different technology, outsourcing different tasks, etc.

Whether you’re happy with the direction your business is headed or considering making some changes, it never hurts to evaluate where you stand. Having an objective report could certainly be helpful in a variety of ways. So please click the button below to proceed.

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