Facebook Goes Deep with Links on Mobile App Install Ads


Facebook has announced some good news for developers and advertisers. The company is extending its deep linking capabilities to include mobile app install ads. This means you can now choose what information page people are sent to when they open a downloaded app for the first time.

Facebook is saying the new deep linking extension will provide a more seamless customer service experience. This is because customers can be directed to a specific place in an app, like the page for product that caused them to click the ad in the first place. Up until now, clicking on an ad simply led you to the app’s home page instead.

On the company’s official Developers blog, Facebook Engineering Manager John Ketchpaw explained:

“For example, if a travel app is running mobile app install ads featuring a vacation to San Francisco, people who install the app and open it will be taken directly to information about the San Francisco offer. This makes it more likely the person will find information about the San Francisco trip that interested them, rather than having to search for it manually.”

This boosts the chances customers will use the apps after they have installed them rather than forgetting why they bothered downloading them in the first place. Deep linking removes some of the steps customers have to take to boost the chances of achieving ad goals beyond the initial install.

Facebook began experimenting with running ads on third party apps last year. The move was an attempt to increase the reach of the company’s own advertising network and to assist other app developers with monetization.

One easy way for developers to start using the feature is through Facebook’s App Links open. cross platform standard, Ketchpaw said. Since launching the new service last year, Ketchpaw says developers have created more than seven billion links on mobile using the option.

For more information on Facebook’s deep linking for mobile app install ads checkout the link here.

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