Promotion Off the Beaten Path


“Creating awareness” is one of those phrases you hear a lot, but it’s always seemed wishy-washy to me. It’s like the second cousin of marketing or the next door neighbor of branding.

I imagine a meeting after an awareness campaign going much like this:

Q: “So, how’d it go? Did we get more sales?”
A: “No, sales are flat.”

Q: “OK, well, how’s traffic on the site?”
A: “Unchanged.”

Q: “Really? Did we see any benefit at all?”
A: “Totally! Apparently, people know we exist.”

Q: “And…”
A: “That’s it. We did it! WOO! WOOOO!”


Maybe I just don’t understand it, but perhaps, going forward, we’ll all be a little more aware of awareness.

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