GoDaddy Pro Officially Launches Aimed at Web Managers

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When you’re just starting out as a Web developer and site maintenance freelancer, it may not be a bother to manage your client list.

Especially if it’s just one or two clients.

But when that list grows to five, then 10, then more the management of all those accounts for all those clients gets harder and harder.

That’s where GoDaddy hopes its new GoDaddy Pro services can help. (The service was first launched last year in beta. The company says after thousands gave feedback, the service is now ready for its official launch.)

In fact, making the jobs of Web pros easier was the driving force behind these new GoDaddy Pro offerings.

GoDaddy Pro is available free to any GoDaddy customer. It does require users to sign up for the services. It was launched late last year but this is the first formal unveiling of services for it.

In an interview with Small Business Trends, ahead of today’s product launch, Jeff King, senior vice president and general manager of hosting at GoDaddy, said, “More than half of small businesses get someone to do the work for them. These professionals have an enormous influence. They have very specific needs and pain points.”

So what are the “pain points” that GoDaddy is addressing with this new offering?

The first, and probably foremost, is security. King suggests that a long of these Web pros are storing their clients’ sensitive information – including login credentials and credit card info – in what they perceive to be a private spreadsheet or some other type of file.

GoDaddy Pro’s new services address that, specifically. So, for Web managers with multiple clients, all it takes is a one-time creation of a login “client card” and there’s no need to store any of that information anywhere.

Web managers can even manage purchases related to their clients’ sites through the GoDaddy Pro platform. And King told us that those Web pros who’ve been hired to manage another company’s site needn’t even be aware of their clients’ financial information to make those purchases.

GoDaddy Pro’s new services also include shared shopping carts, that allows users to send their clients pre-filled shopping carts that can ease the checkout process.

The new services also include site monitoring for performance and uptime. And GoDaddy is linking all its GoDaddy Pro users with a special line to get ’round-the-clock technical support. And if anything were to go wrong with any of a Web pro’s client sites, the professional, not the business owner gets a notification of a problem.

King said, “The intent is to make these pros look more successful. The more heroes we can make out of these freelancers, the more we’ll be able to attract these professionals to our platform.

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In addition to the launch of GoDaddy Pro, the company also unveiled its first WordPress Managed Hosting service.

There are four subscription tiers available with GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress Hosting service.

At the top is the Developer Plan, which is available for $15 per month. This allows users to host up to five WordPress sites through GoDaddy and includes a host (pardon the pun) of add-on services that Web pros can offer their clients.

The less expensive Ultimate plan for Managed WordPress Hosting includes services like malware detection removal from Sitelock, as well as SSL to keep it secure and safe from hackers, GoDaddy notes in a press release.

A basic Managed WordPress Hosting account through GoDaddy starts at $4 per month.

King says that both of GoDaddy’s new offerings are catering to those professionals who manage a client list of websites for other companines.

These tools, he says, allows them to look more professional and make the tedious parts of their job less so.

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