Say Goodbye to Job Boards and Hello to Relode

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If your company’s looking for help in all the wrong places, startup Relode says it can help.

Relode is an online, on-demand community of job recruiters. The company caters to businesses that have employment needs but don’t know where to begin to look. Or they simply may have run out of time to recruit.

Rather than providing your company with an endless list of potential candidates to fill your open position, Relode helps you connect with a job recruiter. It’s the recruiter’s job to whittle down the list to a manageable amount from which to choose.

Though no specific prices are listed on the company’s website, Relode claims it will save you time and money spent on job boards, job postings, placement fees, and the need to hire additional staff. Instead, the company says you can let its community of recruiters handle all that work for you.

When starting a Relode account and getting started with filling that first job, participating business owners provide a job description including all the qualities and qualifications they are seeking in the ideal job candidate.

Relode then takes that information and uses it to match you with potential recruiters ideal for your company’s needs. Relode says its community includes recruiters experienced in numerous fields, so if your company is in education, for example, the potential recruiters you’re linked to at Relode also specialize in that field.

Relode than allows to choose a recruiter based on your needs and start a dialog. Then simply let the recruiter get to work finding potential candidates.

There are three levels of service you can request when working with Relode. Recruiters can provide candidate leads, qualified resumes or verified candidates. In each case, Relode customers pay per candidate for the service.

The first level of service gives you a list of candidates including name, company, profile page, email and Twitter and blog where available. This information is presented (PDF) on a simple spreadsheet and all future steps of the hiring process are left up to you.

The next level of service provides qualified candidate leads with their current resumes. Here’s a video overview of how the process works:

The company also clams it can cut many of the added costs inevitable when working with a recruitment agency.

Writing on the Relode Blog, co-founder Joe Christopher explains:

“Recruiting agencies have a lot of overhead. Between account executives, recruiters, and sourcing specialists, their expenses to obtain job orders and place talent adds up to the contract rates and placement fees we’re experiencing today.”

Image: Relode

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