Solar Roadways Startup Hopes to Save The World

solar roadways

Ice and snow-covered and pothole-scarred roads are just some of the dangers on the road, especially this time of year.

Imagine an end to all that but more. Like, roads that pay for themselves, keep themselves above freezing, and could even power our homes and businesses.

That’s a goal of Scott and Julie Brusaw. They’ve now dedicated the rest of their lives to getting new solar roadways off the ground, in a manner of speaking.

The Brusaws see a world “paved” with Solar Roadways. Scott Brusaw is a former electrical engineer who has worked around the globe.

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Adobe FormsCentral Service Retired Due To Lack of Use

012615 formscentral

Small businesses relying on Adobe’s FormsCentral to collect information from their customers or employees will have to find an alternative soon.

Adobe has decided to scrap FormsCentral. After three years, not enough people were using the service to justify keeping it online.

This service from Adobe allows users to create forms like registrations, applications, or even order forms and distribute them online. Forms can be created in either PDF or web-friendly formats.

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Plans to Prosper: Small Biz Marketing Doesn’t Mean Small Impact

plans to prosper

As a small business owner, you have been told more than a million times, “You need to market your business. It won’t promote itself.” And many small business owners would gladly agree.

But implementing that advice is harder than it sounds.

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